iddqd Studio
Sergei Pogorelov
Founder and CEO. Architect. M.Arch.
The one in charge of the essentials.
Team leader and art director.
Fulltime chess lover. Last man to leave the office.
Andrei Mikhalenko
Co-founder and Lead Artist. Spatial designer.
The one in charge of all things creative.
Bodybuilder perfectionist. Bakes muffins once in a while.
Loves working in complete darkness.
Siarhei Kuratski
Senior Artist. Architect. M.Arch.
Parametric designer.
Converts regular people into architects by teaching classes at university.
Contemporary ballet dancer. Earlybird.
Stas Khaikov
Artist. Architect. Deadline master
Cutoutor and postproductor.
Runs the unpopular street photo instagram acc.
Sofa surfer by day, fixed gear rider by night.
Dima Mazurkevich
Artist. Architect.
Can't go a day without high-poly modeling.
Gearhead. Inventor. Assembled an actual all-electric vehicle in high school.
Maria Pogue
PR manager. Journalist.
Our brand ambassador and the face of the company.
Runs a popular fashion blog.
Brings an extra touch of style to what we do.

About Us

Our studio is a team gathered around a mutual cause we’re all in love with. That’s exactly why we’re all driven and work truly hard. We’ve accumulated a bunch of experience since 2015, each of us coming from vast professional backgrounds. We’re all certified architects who gladly face challenges, complexity and tight timelines. We're not discouraged by distance - while our studio resides in Minsk, our clients come from various places across Europe and the U.S. 

Sergei Pogorelov
Andrei Mikhalenko
Siarhei Kuratski
Stas Khaikov
Dima Mazurkevich
Maria Pogue