UNFORGOTTEN HERITAGE - Saint John's Abbey Church

The «UNFORGOTTEN HERITAGE» is a project in which we intend to spotlight some of the extraordinary architectural masterpieces of the previous times that are still glaring even through the shadow of their oblivion. The first in the series is a short inspirational movie about Marcel Breuer’s Saint John’s Abbey Church, that became a milestone in the evolution of the Catholic church architecture of the XX century.

It took us a lot to carefully collect and visualise all sorts of details behind this wonderful building just to show it right and give everyone the opportunity to virtually experience its architectural beauty and uniqueness. The stained-glass window facade of the church is one of the largest in the world. The interesting thing is that it faces north. So the only way for light to pass through it is being reflected by the Bell Banner, which is a keynote for the building.

We tried to do our best not only in showing the building exactly as it is, but also in revealing the idea and the very heart of the Saint John’s Abbey Church architecture. Hope you’ll enjoy and share our love and passion for this kind of timeless architecture.

The movie

Still images

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A Rendered Recreation of Marcel Breuer's St. John's Abbey Church - Archdaily