i d d q d Studio
iddqd team.
iddqd team. Sergei Pogorelov
Sergei Pogorelov
The one in charge of the essentials
Full-time chess lover
Last man to leave the office
iddqd team. Andrei Mikhalenka
Andrei Mikhalenka
The one in charge of all things creative
Ne twoja mamka/ slaying all day long/ unstoppable traveler
iddqd team. Siarhei Kuratski
Siarhei Kuratski
ex-Contemporary ballet dancer
Early bird
Studio Dogfather
iddqd team. Keit Garkusha
Keit Garkusha
Trouble shooter and mother of deadlines
Aesthetics lover addicted to black
Marathon runner and chocolate eater
iddqd team. Alena Khvatsik
Alena Khvatsik
The one in charge of all things fun
Crazy about Archviz
Tries to make the world a better place
iddqd team. Darya Sanko
Darya Sanko
Modelling expert
Young Architect/ GymShark
Study optimization algorithms and love-foolsofy
Discoverable on Onlyfans
iddqd team. Andrei Stanevich
Andrei Stanevich
Hide and seek pro
iddqd team. Dmitry Gutkovskii
Dmitry Gutkovskii
The kindest person in the world
Lover of coffee and fantasy stories
I plunge into the world of 3D like at the bottom of the ocean
iddqd team. Philip Peshkov
Philip Peshkov
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iddqd team. Maria Pogue
Maria Pogue
Our brand ambassador and the face of the company
Runs a popular fashion blog
Brings an extra touch of style to what we do
iddqd team. Anastasia Kanashevich
Anastasia Kanashevich
Pantone predictor
Plays with fonts
iddqd team. Alesya Laykovich
Alesya Laykovich
High level schedule tamer
iddqd team. Kate Kovaleva
Kate Kovaleva
Architectural student. Looking for beauty in the details
Found of photography and digital drawing
iddqd team. Irina Balunenko
Irina Balunenko
PhD in Arts and Architecture
Sometimes a teacher, always a scholar
Tries to determine the essence and mission of hyperreal archviz
iddqd team. Alexander Kavaliou
Alexander Kavaliou
Our best negotiator. Problem solver
Speaks Czech. Enjoys transcontinental flights. Plays squash on weekends
iddqd team. Victoria Kovaleva
Victoria Kovaleva
Keeps her papers and her home in order
Cares about all things eco-friendly and sustainable
iddqd team. Leopold
Manages the Studio management
Doesn’t take No for an answer
Easily satisfied with the best
iddqd team. Avatar
iddqd team. Julia Mikhno
Julia Mikhno
Observer of the beauty of everyday life
Knows all specialty coffee shops in every city where lives
Roller skater and independent cinema lover

About Us

A team of creatives sharing a unique vision that shines through every image.
Architects, artists and IT experts who gladly face challenges, complexity and tight timelines.
Driven professionals delivering successful projects for clients across the globe since 2015.

iddqd Studio’s specialty are hyperreal visualizations that stand out.
Our mission is to carefully frame our client’s ideas by putting them into a remarkable setting that they deserve.

*In our team, titles are irrelevant. When you see something from i d d q d, know that we all stand equally behind it.

Sergei Pogorelov
Andrei Mikhalenka
Siarhei Kuratski
Keit Garkusha
Alena Khvatsik
Darya Sanko
Andrei Stanevich
Dmitry Gutkovskii
Philip Peshkov
Maria Pogue
Anastasia Kanashevich
Alesya Laykovich
Kate Kovaleva
Irina Balunenko
Alexander Kavaliou
Victoria Kovaleva
Julia Mikhno
Our Services
Content Strategy
(Consultancy & Vision)
  • visual strategy | for architects & design campaigns
  • marketing materials | for developers
Digital Image
  • still images (masterplans, concepts)
  • motion images
  • sketching
  • VR images
Animation & Motion
(CGI & Film Production)
  • VFX
  • cgi film production (animation & advertising)
  • motion graphics
  • dynamic content
  • advertising projects
Interactive Solutions
(Digital Sales Applications)
  • web applications
  • mobile applications for digital sales
  • innovative experience for communication with audience